Companion pastry kit XF38H037

Companion pastry kit XF38H037
Inspirational recipes: petit fours, individual portions, large desserts, etc.
Get great results from your cooking from everyday baking to the most sophisticated creations with the Companion pastry kit: macarons, meringues, millefeuilles, muffins, marshmallows, cheesecakes, creams, biscuits, tarts, petit fours, mousses, cakes, flans, choux pastry, etc.Recipes are a piece of cake with the Companion pastry kit's six accessories: a double rotation whisk, an icing bag, a non-stick hinged mould, a 12-hole muffin tin, a silicon baking tray and a cake spatula. Using the double rotation whisk, obtain perfectly firm smooth creams.

Designed for food processors:
- Companion FE800
- Companion XL FE80B
- I Companion FE900
- I Companion XL Connect FE90B, FE90C

Numer referencyjny produktu : XF38H037

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